COVID19 - Guidance for Businesses


All HIA International Ltd staff are temporarily working from home at this time to protect our staff and ensure we can continue to provide you with ongoing service.  We are available on the usual numbers.

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We continue to receive many calls asking for clarity on the coverage provided by our clients’ insurance policies.  It is difficult to make a general statement for all policies as they differ from insurer to insurer.  You should always refer to your policy for details of what specifically applies to you or your business, but we’ve tried to address a few main areas under query below. 

Does my policy provide protection for the effects that the outbreak has had on my businesses? 

The vast majority of insurance policies, both in the UK and worldwide, do not provide protection against the effects on businesses caused by diseases linked to pandemics or general government shutdowns.


Underwriting decisions are taken by insurers when they have been able to quantify the potential risk.  Insuring circumstances that require government intervention on such a vast scale are not something that insurance companies have products for because the premium costs would be so large and that would make them inaccessible to most, if not all, businesses. 

We think the Business Insurance page of the Association British Insurance (ABI) website will help you understand why insurers don’t typically cover the effects of pandemics and have provided the link to this below. 

We’ve had to close our business premises and all staff are now working from home.  How is my policy protecting the business now if I’m not running it from our usual location, if at all? 

Some insurers have temporarily increased the length of time your business premises can be left unoccupied to account for the possibility of businesses closing temporarily or using homeworking as an option for an extended period.  There are best practices to adopt in these situations and insurers encourage, for example, turning off the mains water and making regular visits to properties to ensure they remain secure check for issues.

Some insurers have also made temporary amendments to their policies and have extended contents to provide protection whilst equipment is at employees’ homes.

Please refer to the relevant sections in your policy documents and contact us if you’d like us to check and confirm anything for you. 

Will my policy protect my business if we continue to operate as usual? 

Most insurers do not restrict the cover provided by your policy at this time and it will continue to operate as normal.  However, we are unable to comment on whether you should continue to trade and you should seek guidance from the government or your local authority before undertaking any work. 

We’ve provided the link to the coronavirus pages of the government website below, for further guidance and advice for individuals and businesses.  

The information provided by following the government link above is changing daily so please visit regularly.